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Since so many people have been intrigued by my new work in progress WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, I thought I would share the prophecy of Morrigan with you all.  This will explain many details of the book.  Enjoy!

The Prophecy

 It is a time where time has no meaning.

A darkness has overpowered the lands.

Food is scarce; people are dying.

 Seers foretell the birth of three.

Three will be born under a blood moon.

Three who will bring about the downfall of evil.

Three who will have powers so great, their births

have been feared for centuries.

 Each shall bear the mark.

Each must live.

The darkness has vowed to destroy them.

 They have been born.


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Getting the foundation down for my next WiP.  Nothing new to report, just trying to work out the details.

I’ve switched gears, moving on from medieval romance to a cute contemporary love story.  I’m very excited to get this one out there.  Just working on all the details because of the super huge surprise it has!!!

(hee hee!)

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For once I am at a loss for words.

I know, right?  Total shocker.


I am pleased to say that my edits are done – and I have a day and a few hours to get my synopsis and my query letter together.  One my way, right?  Well, I only wish I knew what I was doing.  I have never written either, and I’ve been searching the web for info on how to get these suckers perfect.  Every site is different – there is no “form” or plan to fill out….that would be too easy, right?

Ugh.  I can do this.  I’ve written a 320 page novel that kicks ass.  (I am a bit partial and totally in love with my male lead, but I’ll save that for a future blog post.)

So why am I letting these two tiny things drag me down?  Probably because they are the first things my publisher of choice will read/see and I am a person that believes first impressions are everything.

I’ve put so much pressure on myself.  My husband keeps asking when he will get his wife back, and I tell him….. “Tuesday”.


Now please excuse me while I go bang my head against my desk.

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My deadline is fast approaching.  For once I wished the days didn’t pass so quickly.  August 15th will be here before I know it, and there is still so much that needs to be done.


My poor family, they must think I’ve turned into the hobbit.  I am ignoring them, and I feel so guilty.  This major overhaul to my MS is needed.  I’ve been chained to my desk for most of the day, hiding in my own little world while I work.  I’ll be a free woman in a week.

Just a week.


An update:

down to 124, 172 words.  And still going strong!

Still trimming off the fat.  This MS is turning out to be a nice lean piece of meat, I tell you!  I still need to write that darn synopsis that haunts me.

Anyone care to share any editing tips?  (or care to write my synopsis for me?)




Why do I hear crickets?

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At the 50 yard Line…

……staring the endzone.


I just finished editing chapter 15, and thanks to my very amazing, wonderful, talented and utterly fantastic crit partner, I’ve managed to overhaul half of my MS.


In two weeks I’ll have this sucker so done you’ll be able to stick a fork in it.


I’ve managed to delete, delete, delete… I’m down to 334 pages, and a word count of 126, 500 words.

Progress rocks.

So does the delete key.

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Stop Your Blubbering

Hello, blog, remember me?

I know its been a while, but I’ve been editing the hell out of my manuscript.  I have a deadline now, an actual line drawn in the sand.  August 15th.  I am hoping for much sooner than that.

A progress update:  I’ve gone from 509 pages and 148,377 words to 365 pages (spacing) and 140,071 words, and I’m only on chapter 5.   Holy Hell.  I’m praying for calmer waters after this.

I’ve found I tend to blubber a lot.  Blabber, drone on and on and on….  DELETE.  Entire paragraphs of just…. stupid crap  (what was I thinking???) gone.  Just like that.  I call it “trimming the fat” hence the blubbering.

Get it?  ha ha

I’m such a dork.

After an almost FULL chapter rewrite, I’m on my way with the editing.  I am so excited to be cleaning this baby up.  In some instances its like I am reading it all over again for the first time, considering I wrote the beginning almost what…. 5 -7 years ago?  I deleted my earliest copies, but it has been since I had a full time job.  (Again, what was I thinking?)

Deleting is like cliff diving for me.  Free falling into the open air, freedom, but not quite sure what your gonna get when you land.  I’m hoping for open waters instead of rock.

Peace out, yo.

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We’re gonna party like….





That’s right, people.  Last night, well, this morning, around 3am, I wrote the best two words EVER.




I have some much needed editing to do, and the Epilogue to finish, but it’s done.  I still can’t believe it!

RETURN TO ME is done!!!

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