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Okay friends – we did it once, let’s do it again! Y’all helped a Soldier to win a cart blind, and now they’re giving away another one! Lets help another Soldier win one of his own! The votes are close, so please take 30 seconds to help out! (The contest ends Friday afternoon)

As an incentive to spare 5 seconds of your time, there are PRIZES up for grabs! The first prize is a $10 Target gift card, and the second is a $10 gift card of your choice to either Target, Walmart, or Amazon! Share with your friends – let’s do this!
1. click the picture below
2. find the comment by DWIGHT HICKS
3. You MUST LIKE HIS comment in order for it to count!
That’s all there is to it! Let me know you liked HIS COMMENT to be entered to win!


THANK YOU readers and fans! Being a Military Wife, I try to help out Soldiers any way I can. I appreciate you!

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Screenshot_2013-11-08-21-58-50Congrats to the randomly selected winner, Wendy R!  Please check your email!

A Soldier with a back injury is trying to win this hunting blind that is ON WHEELS. I’m glad to help out.

If you would like to help out, too, please click on the picture below. If not, no harm done. 🙂

Then, find the comment by Daniel Pickering.

LIKE his comment.

That’s all you need to do to help out a Soldier! The contest ends Friday afternoon.

Thanks, readers and friends!

You’re not obligated in anyway to read or have anything to do with this post. But I thank you anyway, just for being awesome.

If you did like his comment, please leave a comment on THIS post telling me you did, and I will randomly draw a winner Friday evening for a $5.00 Amazon Gift card!


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This has got to be the picture that is nearest and dearest to my heart.  My husband left for basic training when our oldest daughter was 2 1/2 years old.  We were afraid she wasn’t going to remember him after being gone so long…. She proved us wrong.



She’s 13 now… and is still a daddy’s girl.


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The Carlton.

Yep.  For today’s throwback thursday – this comes from 2011 – I thought I would feature one of my husband’s soldiers. And don’t worry, those rockets in the background aren’t doing any harm… just practice.

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Just bawled my eyes out. When the kids got off the bus, we went to the post office to send out a care package to my husband. There was a long line, so I filled out the customs form while I waited. (I, of course, forgot to grab extras, just like last time) An old man came shuffling through the door and stood at the back of the line. I got in line behind him while I tried to keep the kids quiet and not bring the post office to the ground.

When the old man reached the front of the line, he placed a small object he’d been clutching on the little island. It was a purple heart medal. Making conversation, I asked him if it was his. He turned toward me and told me yes, he was awarded it during the Vietnam War. It was then that I saw his face, and the malformations of his left side. Half his jaw and cheek bone absent and concave. I looked him in the eyes and smiled, shook his hand and told him, “thank you for your service.” His eyes welled up with tears and and choked out a thank you. And then he hugged me. He told me people didn’t speak to him because of what he looked like and he was so thankful I spoke to him because most people seemed afraid of him.

As we approached the counter I mailed out our care package, and he talked about his time with the Marines and his purple heart medal. I got to tell him all about my husband. (I just so happened to be wearing a Dave Matthews Army shirt today!) It was as if he hadn’t had a conversation with someone in years. He had so much to tell me. He was sending his medal out to get fixed.

He left before me, and as I walked out with the unruly kids, a recruiter for a Military branch (their offices are in the same building as the post office) stopped me and said he wished more Military wives were like me.

That old man didn’t know just how much he brightened my day. The smallest kindness can bring great reward. Have you thanked a Veteran today?

And to my husband – he told me to tell you…. Semper Fi, from this old Marine.

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Our children send you their love across “all the land and the great oceans” and want you to know you are the “bestest Daddy in the world”.  They send lots of hugs, and kisses, and karate chops your way.

We all love you and miss you so very much, and although we are on opposite sides of this Earth right now, that does not make this day any less special.

You love us unconditionally, and support us, all the while serving your country and doing so with pride.  You never ask for anything in return.  I wish I could move mountains for you.

I wish I could bring you home, just for one day.  I wish I could make you breakfast in bed, let you watch all those hunting shows I can’t stand, and I wouldn’t even complain about the dirty socks left on the carpet.  After breakfast, I’m sure we’d pack everyone up in the truck and we’d drive… to who knows where… but I know we’d end up at Walmart to check out the hunting clearance section, and let you pick out the most awesomest Father’s Day gift ever.  (Which is usually something not on clearance.)  I’m sorry that this year, your presents are going to be flavored water packets, peanut butter, your favorite gum, and some goodies from the kids.  But at least, maybe they may smell like home–like us–and maybe, we’ll celebrate in each other’s dreams tonight.

The girls wanted to share this song with you.  They picked it out themselves.

We love you, Darling.

Happy Father’s Day.

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Help support our troops by donating to the HHB 3-13 Unit from Oklahoma currently deployed to Afghanistan.

All proceeds will be used to send the Soldiers the items on their wish lists.

Current items on wish lists:

Baby wipes     water flavor packets

Webcams         headphones

Books              magazines

Gum                hard candy

Sheets/linens   protein bars

Beef jerky        slim jims

Coffee             snacks

Socks  t-shirts  underwear

Toiletries         click pencils, paper

Phone cards   DVD’s

Monetary proceeds will be sent to 3-13 to help fund the purchase of items currently on the wish lists.


The families and Soldiers of HHB 3-13 thank you for your support!

Paypal:  bsdail@nc.rr.com

The families and Soldiers of HHB 3-13 thank you for your


Note:  I am happy to support this cause and share the information for this fundraising drive. As a disclaimer, I will not in any way handle or receive goods or proceeds related to the care packages. Your funds, should you choose to donate, will go directly to the coordinating team for this project. Thank you!

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